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Red Arrow Natural smoke condensates


These are also known as “liquid smoke” as they are in a liquid state. Smoke condensates began to be used in the food industry in the 1960 in the process of smoking foods in a safer, healthier, cleaner, ecologically acceptable and cost effective way. Natural smoke condensates are obtained by cooling and condensing warm and humid smoke from the burning of sawdust. The smoke then passes through several phases of purification and fractionation. At the end of the process, purified condensed smoke is obtained, with a significantly reduced content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), making it healthier for human consumption.

View the production process here:

Production process

Smoking with the Red Arrow smoke condensates gives the following competitive advantages:

-    reduced production costs;
-    reduced production process;
-    healthier product;
-    reduction on thermal processing loss by 2% or more;
-    ecologically acceptable production;
-    standardization of the production process;
-    creation of new production capacities;
-    reduced environmental pollution;
-    rational use of natural resources.

Natural smoke condensate can be used for surface application, product smoking, for direct addition to the product either in brine, or as an addition with spices. Depending on the manner of addition and what we aim to obtain with the smoke, the smoke is divided into several different types:

-    aqueous,
-    oil,
-    dry.


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