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-    enrichment of products with fibre
-    does not influence the product flavour or colour
-    extends product shelf life
-    may bind water and fat
-    reduces calories in product
-    increases product juiciness
-    GMO free
-    allergen free
-    additive (E-no.) free

IN THE DAIRY INDUSTRY, fibres is used to enrich products with fibre, to increase the spreadability of dairy products, to reduce syneresis in creamy products. Fibres have no influence on product flavour, they can reduce caseinate in recipes (thus having an economic effect), and can serve as an anti-clumping agent.

IN THE MEAT INDUSTRY, fibres can be used in all types of products. Fibres improve the juiciness of products, and improves product texture and stability. Fibres reduce loss of thermal processing, and achieves better spreadability of pâtés. Fibres contributes to faster and more even drying of fermented products, and prevents the formation of ice crystals on the surface of deep frozen products. Fibres also increase product stability after thawing.Biljna vlakna

IN THE BAKING INDUSTRY, fibres are used to increase product juiciness and extend product shelf-life. Fibre allows for the adding of additional water to the product, improves the stability of fillers, enriches the product with plant fibre and reduces the product's caloric value.

IN THE PRODUCTION OF PASTAS, fibres reduce pasta drying time. Pasta enriched with fibres is more resistant to breakage and is less likely to be overcooked. The product is enriched in fibre, and it improves the structure of pasta fillers. Oat fibre emphasizes the yellow colour of pasta.

IN SAUCES, MARINADES AND MAYONNAISES, fibres are used to increase product stability, to reduce fat in products and as a replacement or to reduce certain thickeners.

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