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 The Danish company Scanflavour is the world's leading manufacturer of high functional proteins from pork skin. The advantage of Scanflavour over other protein manufacturers, among other things, lies in the state-of-the-art protein separation technology, which separates the proteins whole without hydration, giving them the highest functionality without aroma (hydrated proteins).

Product line;

Scancure for injection
Scangel for emulsifying


The advantages of Scancure and Scangel products:

High capacity for binding water and fat 1:20:20 / 1:25:25
allergen free
GMO free
additive (E no.) free
replaces soy 1:4 /1:5
no foreign flavours or smells (off taste)
improves product structure
all Scancure and Scangel products contain over 90% protein. Products are fully soluble low dosage (0.2–1%) in the end product.

We offer complete support regarding recipes and consultations, and organise workshops at Scanflavour.